What makes up our telemarketing services?

Our customers at Telemarketing Chester are busy people who want to get on with delivering their business products and services not cold calling prospects.  We take the pain out of lead generation, leaving you to do what you do best, run your business.  Outsourcing your cold or warm calls is also cost efficient.  Because we are experienced in making marketing calls we can deal effectively with countering objectives and overcoming resistance from targets.

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

When working in a competitive market it is a fact that all businesses constantly want and need to grow their customer base, knowing that they cannot rely on their current customers to give them future business. However, it is also a fact that most companies, big or small, do not have the time to dedicate to this as they have to concentrate on their actual functioning business. This is where we can come in, to both generate new leads and set up professional appointments.


It is important that we maximise any leads that we get from our set out campaign in telemarketing. Therefore, full consultancy will be conducted before we get started on anything, making sure we set out knowing exactly what we want to achieve for you. You will have the opportunity to discuss your desires for generating business and what you want as regards higher turnover and profit margins, growing your business as well as your customer base, or taking it in a new or specific direction.

On-site Telemarketing

We offer our services in telemarketing at a choice of our own premises or the other option is for us to carry out the work onsite at your company premises. There are many advantages to you having one of our telemarketers on-site with you, one of them being that there will be somebody right next to you able to give you feedback and updates on each call. Another benefit of having these open communication lines being in the same building is that decisions can be made quickly and this can effectively lead to deals being made straight away.

Event Attendance

If you are looking for people to invite to your conferences or business events then Telemarketing Chester can work with your very own marketing department and ensure that the best and right amount of people are in attendance. We target the audience that you require to meet your goals set out with us, and chase up invites to ensure that all places will be filled.

Database cleansing

It has been reported that 67% of information about clients held on business databases is either void or out of date. This is a complete waste of time in a marketing sense if the people you repeatedly contact are not the type to receive your proposals. This is something we can also help you with – providing ‘clean’, or fresh and up to date, information on existing and potentially new clients. This will help you maximise every contact.

Market Research

Telemarketing Chester are here to provide you with the answers to what your customers and clients actually want. This is a vital part of moving your business in the right direction and it being a success. By finding out exactly what it is that is wanted from you and your service, you will be able to deliver exactly what the customer requires.