Effective telemarketing in 2015

There are many ways in which you can embark on and improve for effective telemarketing in 2015. For the most effective results from your sales calls it is a good idea to check out your goals and assess how you, and your agents, are performing on a regular basis.

It is important to give yourself or your sales agents time to digest what they are required to say over the telephone. More often than not you will have a script to follow, but the trick to being successful in telesales is to sound natural and unscripted. Telemarketing agents will benefit from training in aims and objectives, being made aware from the very start how to talk to clients, get what they aim to get out of the call, and also how to improvise when talking to clients.

Positivity is a big part of telesales calling. It is common to get rejected while making calls and it is good to learn early on how to handle this rejection, and move on to the next call with a positive attitude. Remember to build rapport with any receptionists or associates when trying to get through to speak to a client. Even if they are unavailable, by building rapport and following up when you say you will, this will eventually most likely result in you getting through.
Voicemail is something that can be used to your advantage, so don’t see it as a cue to automatically hang up. Many busy people rely on voicemail to catch their calls, and do spend time in their day listening to it. This can be a perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your service, outlining briefly what you can do for them. When you do eventually get the chance to speak with the client then the fact that they have heard this introduction from you is an advantage. This is of course provided that you make an excellent first impression – another vital aspect of telesales.

Believe in what you are saying and be enthusiastic about it, as this is infectious and the client will feel satisfied and be reassured that you are really behind what you are selling. Be friendly and polite, and while it is favourable to call your client by name it is not recommended to get overly familiar as this can be seen as unprofessional. Be professional at all times, keep good timing for call backs, and prepare yourself so that you can answer any questions with confidence.
A vital part of being effective telemarketing in 2015 is listening. Many telesales agents focus completely on their pitch and what they want to get out of the call, in fact listening to the client completely passes them by. It is important to listen to what the client wants and then you will be able to change your spiel in a way that may meet these needs. Similarly, ask questions, ask for their point of view and ask how you can help them – this in turn will result in them helping you.