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Our customers at Telemarketing Chester are busy people who want to get on with delivering their business products and services not cold calling prospects.  We take the pain out of lead generation, leaving you to do what you do best, run your business.  Outsourcing your cold or warm calls is also cost efficient.  Because we are experienced in making marketing calls we can deal effectively with countering objectives and overcoming resistance from prospects.

Live project – Warm leads follow up

We are currently servicing a long term contract for a home interiors company who has warm sales leads that need following up with a phone call to the customer. Our task is to secure an appointment for the client’s sales team.

We have been able to secure a high level of appointments week on week.

Live project – Data cleansing

In this project our client has a database of school contacts that need to be checked for accuracy.

Our task is to contact every school and check the information on the database is still correct.

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